New England Music Hall of Fame


About Us

New England Music Hall of Fame is a non-profit corporation currently applying for 501c3 status. We are a group of volunteers who love music. We believe in its power to heal, escape our problems, and unite in a spirit of friendship across cultures, religions, and ethnicities regardless of our skin color, nation of origin or native language.  We experience music together, and we can leave our differences behind while we listen to the music we enjoy. This is NEMHOF's reason for being here.  We are creating music experiences that celebrate the wonderful musicians and communities of New England. We're connecting everyone together across genres and states. We welcome you to sign up for our newsletter, the NEMHOF NEWS, and connect with us through our social media. You'll find the connections through the icons on the menu. Please like, subscribe and get notifications for our YouTube channel. We have only just begun, so check back here for all the latest updates about events and thank you so much for your support! 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite, educate, promote and preserve the integrity of New England music scene and the people who represent it. We want to help not just the music but the musician. Music has no gender or race and just like it we don’t discriminate. 

Vision Statement

We achieve this by creating music experiences, both live and virtual, through awarding talented musicians and other contributors with the recognition they so greatly deserve. Our events create opportunities for musicians, music lovers, and businesses to connect, network and promote all the amazing talents they have to share, because we are the vehicle which brings them purposefully together.