New England Music Hall of Fame


Meet the NEMHOF Team

We are the group of volunteers who created this organization to unite New England communities in a spirit of friendship, and celebrate the musicians who create the soundtrack of our lives. Thank you kindly for your interest and support. We look forward to connecting with you!

Angel Orsini

Chris Annino

Kadrolsha Ona Carole

Angel is a former Pro-Wrestler and life long martial artist who performed her way through college to earn a master's degree in business. She is greatly honored to work with the amazing folks at NEMHOF & invites you to connect through social media & learn more. 

Chris is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, former Pro-wrestler, and firefighter.  Chris is a graduate of Mitchell College, and is currently studying Martial Arts at the Black Bear dojo. We find his dedication and fighting spirit inspirational and invite you to connect through social media.

Kadrolsha is Queen of the Paranormal and a comic book Superhero.  Breaking news, Kadrolsha is now host of the Hollywood Entertainment News.  She invites you to connect through social media and learn the latest in Hollywood news.

CoFounder & CEO

CoFounder & Publicist

CoFounder & NEMHOF News Editor

Kay Bauer

Joy Nash

Rachel Spence

Kay is a beautiful person inside and out. This is why she's one of our Ambassadors.  Kay is literally a musical phenom with a guitar and when she's not dazzling us with her talents onstage, she puts on her superhero cape and works as a nurse. Please support her & connect.

Joy is a native New Englander born in Rhode Island, she now resides in Florida with her 3 children.  She is a life coach and  Entrepreneur CEO of Fitness4Joy & Cohost of Elevated Living. We are grateful for her efforts on the Board and as one of our Ambassadors.  Please connect!

Rachel is a proud parent, software engineer, linquist, artist, musician and transwoman. We are proud that she is our LGBTQ Ambassador and grateful for all her work on the Board as well as her technical expertise on our content and newsletter. Please support her & connect.

Event Coordinator